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Here you can find lots of information about making quilts, designs for a special quilt, quilting machines for quilting and lovely designs for hand made quilts.

Making your first quilt

quilting ideas
quilting ideas

Quilt ideas?

I want to make a quilt for our bed and picnic in July. There must be something fairly simple as you have 5 to 24 months of age, so stay busy, but I miss SO much quilting. Any ideas on a model? I went through the line of quilters cache, but nothing caught my attention too. I prefer not to do any splicing of paper ...

For alternative Quick and simple 9-patch and snowball blocks, with the same two tissues.

Free Beginner Quilting. Learn to JELLY ROLL QUILT PATTERNS

Here are some photos of some lovely hand made quilts to give you some inspirations in your quilting projects.

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